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Tips by Pandit Raahul Kaushal

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How to do Vastu for a Happy Married life ?

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How to do Vastu for a Happy Married life ?
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How to do Vastu for a Happy Married life ?

Who doesn’t want to lead a happy life? There are many couples who want to begin their journey on a no-troublesome mode. Well, Vastu has answers for all. A successful marriage is possible only when the couple remains happy. Sometimes couples face minor problems that can tend to get problematic if ignored in the longer run. These problems can be well occurring due to Vastu doshas. Eventually a happy married life would turn into an unpredictable problem. So how exactly can you combat these doshas? The ever changing urban world and large number of working classes brings in misunderstandings at some point in time. There are also reasons heading towards non-placement of certain objects in your house. If your house is not planned according to Vastu requirements, it could lead to such problems too. Today the trend is to inculcate contemporary designs inside houses that lead to such disorders. You might find a certain irregular structure arty, but it will not fit in to any Vastu guidelines.

married life in vastu tips

Happiness is extremely important in every relationship. So even if you prefer to invest in some trendy interiors make sure they fit in necessary Vastu guidelines. At times, you prefer to decorate your house via the latest trends and fashion. In the process you forget that the house is where you tend to spend time with family and friends. It is extremely important that there is a balance of energies circulating at all times.

The imbalance in cosmic energies within a house also adds to such problems. This imbalance will further add problems that would be beyond your understanding. In order to avoid any such scenario, firstly consult a Vastu expert. This expert must consult or amend certain directions. If amendments are difficult to undertake, he will suggest placing certain Vastu instruments at certain corners. Vastu shastra indicates the perfect guidelines for planning or designing a house. The elements namely water; air, earth, fire and sky will cause cosmic energies which indeed puts an effect on your living.

Which is the best direction for Bedroom ?

Firstly, the northwest direction is perfect for a bedroom. Couples should prefer staying in this direction. You must never paint the bedroom walls in dark or cold colours. The bed should be a perfect square or rectangle shapes one. There must not be more than one mattress in your bedroom. The bedroom should also be clutter free. You must also avoid mirrors in your bedroom. The kitchen and gas must be placed at a distance from each other with a minimum of 4 ft apart. You could always install some kind of pillows but in pairs only. You could also place some kind of crystals in your room that will give you or bring in peace and understanding.

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